The Little White Dress for Ladies Who Don’t Wear White | Video

 I have to start by saying that anyone who knows me knows that I am not a woman who normally wears white or light colors in general, and while I am branching out, in my mind, the only color that is better than black is blacker. It’s my uniform, my default, it is how I stay stylish and halfway pulled together on any given day.

Topshop Off the Shoulder Lace Babydoll Dress, Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Patent, Gucci Linea Embossed Leather Camera Bag,   Gucci Sunglasses

So when I was invited to join in on the Little White Dress collaboration with a few of the lovely ladies from the Style Collective, my initial response was a mini panic. Where am I gonna find a white dress?

How am I gonna keep it clean? How much bigger will I look in white?

After I did the mini super freak, I calmed down and allowed cooler heads to prevail.

It’s just a dress, I have been trying to add more colors and patterns into my wardrobe, other women wear white all the time, how bad could it be?

I am smarter than the clothes that I wear, I can do this collab.

So this little buttercup bucked up and purchased the perfect little white dress for a slightly tomboyish, curvaceous, somewhat disheveled, color-phobic fashionista.

I decided to go with the Topshop Lace Off the Shoulder Babydoll Dress.

The Nordstrom description says that it is:

Playful and casual for a ladylike feel, this swingy smock dress captures a hopelessly romantic vibe with panels of lace and draping sleeves.

Now let me tell you why it was perfect for me:

I do love the way white looks on most people, but I am not one who can usually get through a full day wearing any type of light color without dropping food on myself, smearing it with makeup, or sitting in something. I clean up well, for a few hours, but then all bets are off.

The best thing about this dress is the lace. Texture can be very forgiving if you end up with the odd spot, or melted chocolate pieces. If you are related to Pig Pen from the Peanuts like me, I would opt for something more on the textural side, at least at the top.

The fact that this is a babydoll dress, gives someone like me so much life, no binding, no curves being hugged, no having to loosen anything after the brunch that I thoroughly enjoyed while wearing this baby. Shrimp and grits…mmm…mmm.

For me, the neckline on this dress is perfect. It is off the shoulder so nothing rubbing against my face or chin, it is also short sleeved, so I didn’t have to worry about dragging my sleeves through the creole sauce that came with the Shrimp and Grits…Girl!

I also find that this dress looks good with several different types of footwear. I am not against doing a lace dress with a big, chunky Doc Maarten, but it looks equally as fashionable with a wedged espadrille.

The verdict:
I can, absolutely, without a doubt, wear white. Who knew?
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I have to mention that the Dude was the one who picked out the dress. Teamwork!!

It is just an another example of why we should be fearless when it comes to fashion.

You can do just about anything when it comes to fashion, just remember, it is all about what works for you.

To see how the other ladies in the Little White Dress Collaboration found white dresses for their unique body types and personal style, check out the links below.




  1. Kamille

    I love how the dress still screams SUMMER!! I’m not ready for fall, even though there are many cute fall outfits. You look beautiful in your LWD. Can’t wait for our next collaboration.

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