My Mini Designer Bag Collection and Luxury Wishlist

Throughout the years I have accumulated the odd luxury item here and there. I remember being an Army wife with two young children years ago. I chose to stay at home with my children when they were very young, one because young Soldiers are not rolling in dough, and depending on where we were stationed, the spouse often had very little real job prospects at the time, aside from retail. We made the conscious decision to put our family first, make sacrifices, and do without much beyond the basics, especially because we were a single income family for a long time.

Fast forward, my hubby began to make rank and I took jobs here and there. Eventually, the kids got older, we both got degrees and more opportunities began coming our way.

My first “real” designer handbag, was a Dooney and Burke in the late 90s, followed by a red Coach bag, both without any logos, I have never really been a logo kind of girl.

Not necessarily the highest end of luxury, but good quality pieces that have lasted years. I don’t have either anymore, but I had them for years and they served me well.

In recent years, I became more interested in purchasing a home and putting down roots. I did procure a few more mid-range bags. A Kate Spade backpack that I still love, A tiny Ferragamo that was given to me, a very well used Chloe bag, which would be considered higher end, if it wasn’t one that I found in a consignment shop for $20. (At some point, I do plan on having the Chloe refurbished).


I also received a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag one Christmas, a few years back. And I purchased a Cromia bag which I think is the most beautiful bag that I own, however, there is a problem with the straps. I carried the life out of a Tory Burch Satchel a couple of years ago and the same with a really cute green Banana Republic tote last year. When I find a bag, I commit to it. Sometimes I ride it until the wheels fall off.

My most expensive bag to date is a Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Alma Long that was also a gift and very well loved before I received it. It is in need of a bit of TLC, but it is one that I will never part with and do carry from time to time, mostly for sentimental reasons.

So that is pretty much the extent of my luxury bag experience. Basically, any clothing, bag, or shoe that I have purchased or procured, has had to fit with my life and has had to serve me for quite some time.

One of the things that I have loved, but that my life has not necessarily permitted is purchasing a lot of fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle items at one time. I am actually glad that this has not been the case because it has allowed me greater control over my wardrobe, my space, and ultimately my sanity.

Having said that, I got married young, I had my children young, and I have lived, worked, and sacrificed a lot over the years. I have decided that is time for me to throw myself into my passion, find my people and most of all, build a luxury capsule, in this particular instance, bag capsule that I love.

Now, I am a hot sexy cougar and I feel as though I need to step up my luxury game a bit. Okay, go ahead and laugh at that cougar part, I am still sexy, though and I do seriously want to step up my luxury collection.

My wishlist items:

Because I ponder every purchase until the item either sells out or my husband just goes out and buys it to shut me up, I don’t have a long list of things that I want to buy, nor are the items on my wishlist the most expensive or the trendiest.

I have a set of style rules, and at the top of the list is classy. If a bag screams, latest designer “it” bag or looks really fake, or if the bag begs the question “why are you carrying a bag that is the price of a car on your arm?” chances are I won’t want it. Having said that, those in the know are in the know, a couple of my choices are definitely in demand.

So in no particular order I would love to have in my collection:


The Pink Patent Leather Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag in Patent because it’s pink, patent, and will add a subtle pop of color to my all black uniform.


The Black Mansur Gavriel Backpack because I love backpacks.


Chloe Mini Marcie in Pink, simply because it’s cute.


Chloe Marcie Tote in Gray for those times when I need a big slouchy bag to carry extra stuff. And because Gray is such a classic yet underrated color.


Dior Cardholder, because it is so sleek and simple and because I am obsessed with patent leather.


The Louis Vuitton Capucines MM for those brand collab meetings that I plan on having someday.

9f947108580f34d2f4bb585b10109636Chanel Cardholder or other Chanel SLG because I haven’t found a larger Chanel bag that I am in love with or that I would want to carry very often. I know it will happen at some point, though.


Gucci Embossed Tote, because my computer would fit nicely and it fits perfectly with my classy-edgy style.

A few mid-range bags, mainly clutches because I love clutches and I will be attending a lot of functions where a clutch is much more practical than a larger bag.

One that I really like:


The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Jam Pouch because this letter is so buttery and soft and it will eventually have a really nice patina. I can see this with jeans on date night or as a great travel accessory.

Clutches and pouches can be great for stepping outside the box and being a bit more daring. They are also a lot easier to store.

These items would definitely make up the core of my luxury bag capsule. They are all very clean, classy bags that will serve different needs. Of course, I am always on the hunt for the odd, unique piece to add to my collection, as well, that is a wishlist for another post.

What bag or bags are you looking to add to your collection?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next time,

Mrs. K