Weekend Reflections (With Video)

It’s Monday morning and a bird woke me up damn it!!
Let me repeat that with a twist. It’s Monday morning, Feb 20th, a federal holiday and a freakin chirping bird woke me up at 8am.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be alive, thankful to God for another day, but I abhor birds and they are here early, along with the pollen and my seasonal allergies and the promise of a really hot, sweltering Summer.

People were eating outside yesterday. It’s the middle of Winter on the East Coast and it is hot.


Where is the snow? Where is the snow?

If I keep trying to outrun the heat, I will surely end up back where I started, back in California because of the climate shift.

I think it’s time to go north.

Or to Alaska. I don’t want to live in Alaska though. But my love for cool weather may make me rethink it.

I’m not complaining…much.. just needed to get that off my chest.

So this weekend was a rather leisurely one as far as weekends go.

I spent obscene amounts of time in bed, which I never do. We brunched on Saturday,
gluten free pancakes at Summerhouse Santa Monica.

Initially, they brought me blueberry gluten free pancakes. I cut into the pancake and this big ole fat blueberry popped out.

It looked like my pancake was giving birth.

No just no.

The funny thing, that blueberry pancake was perfectly crunchy around the edges. It was the perfect gluten free pancake minus the berries.


Of course, the server was apologetic that she gave me a pancake that was in labor and she brought me out a regular pancake
And you guessed it…
…it had regular old pancakey edges.

No crunch.
They were still really good, though.

I also got off to a much needed late start yesterday.
I did work pretty hard yesterday, though, editing until my hand cramped, but the vlog WILL  go up today.

(You can watch the vlog here).

I like to shoot for Saturday thinking that the vlog will go up on Sunday, but it always ends up being Monday.
It’s the reason I haven’t set the schedule in stone.

Maybe I’ll start shooting for Wednesday, procrastinate for three days and…hell who am I kidding…it’ll still be up on Monday.

This weekend, I figured out that my hair is on a mission.

It has decided that it won’t cooperate with anything that I try to do.

I’m so close to cutting it off, but The hubby gets that sad look in his eyes whenever I go near scissors.

Hasn’t this guy ever heard the term happy wife happy life?

He really wants me to grow it back long like it was when I was younger…had patience…and gave a damn about long hair. Now I’m all like, “pixie cuts are everything”.

The sacrifices we make to have someone there to rub our feet every night, geez!! (I wish…lol)

Seriously, though, I have got to figure out what this hair needs. It wants to be curly when I want it to be straight. It straightens when I am going for curls, it’s too soft, too dry, but has product overload if I make one false move.

Right now it is in two twisted ponytails in an attempt to stretch it without heat. I have no idea what’s gonna happen, but I’m taking it back to basics.

Wish me luck.

In other news, I bought jeans this weekend.


Two pairs, dark wash and white.

Some days, I’m literally like Pigpen from the Peanuts
I pretty much avoid White like the plague

But I had a case of “hey I might actually be an adult-itis” and I bought white jeans.
The hubby just looked at me like this 👀

And the little girl just shook her head.

I am determined to pull off the white jeans look.
I’m confident that it can be done if I only wear them with long tops or sweaters, tall boots and I only go places that serve clear drinks and I won’t eat anything. I’ll avoid wearing any powder on my

I’ll avoid wearing any powder on my face because that stuff gets everywhere.

…and then I’ll end up changing before I leave home.

I bought my jeans from Lucky Brand, I swear by their jeans.


I am “curvy” so I got the Skinny Lolitas.

They are the only denim company that I have found so far, that truly understands that all people are not shaped the same and they add just the right amount of stretch to their jeans.

Because jeggings are not jeans no matter how much we want them to be.

Sounds absolutely scandalous.
But no, it’s just jeans.
Oh, and the jeans are a size 8. The last pair I bought were a 10 but I really needed a 12. I’m slimming down nicely.
So that was the weekend for the most part.

How was your weekend?