The Most Pretentious Video About Macarons

Hey guys, since I’m trying to be more open with my audience, and since I blog about all things lifestyle related, and since I didn’t get a chance to post the actual blog post that I wanted because the photos were not up to par, I thought I would share one of my older videos with you.

I chose this video because although it is over year old, a commenter named Woodshadow left the comment below just last week.


Well, I guess he/she/they told me.

It occurred to me that my readers should also be able to watch the most pretentious video that Woodshadow has watched in a long time.

If you like the video, it will have been my pleasure to bring it to you.

If you hate it,  blame Woodshadow, cuz it’s totally their fault.


Have a great weekend and maybe treat yourself to some macarons or macaroons or both. 🙂

The Mrs.